Advantages of MDF 28 June 2019

MDF (Medium-density fibreboard) is a wood product that is engineering by breaking hardwood and softwood residues down into fibres, then combining it with wax and resin to form panels.

These MDF panels have a lot of advantages over natural wood products. Not only is MDF inexpensive compared but it is also a recycled product meaning it has less impact on the environment.

More advantages of MDF:

• Takes on colour easy whereas wood takes time to stain.

• No knots or kinks, giving it a smooth surface.

• The depiction is easier on MDF

• Having no grain means its easier to cut and drill without causing damage.

• It doesn’t expand or contract in wet and humid conditions.

• Being a by-product of lumber milling means no trees are purposely cut down just to provide MDF fibres

• No formaldehyde is added to the product.

As well as having general advantages MDF also has specific advantages when it comes to being used for doors.

MDF Advantages when it comes to doors:

• As mentioned above, MDF does not swell in moist conditions making it ideal for inset frame cabinetry.

• Painted finishes on MDF will not crack in the joints due to expansion/contraction.

• MDFs density means its better at accepting screws and hinges, giving it a stronger hold than more porous and open grained wood.

• As opposed to natural wood, MDF has a greater consistent strength throughout.

• MDF makes for a cleaner cut and tighter seams between stilesand rails when compared to paint grade wood.

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