How to Care for Your Decking in Autumn and Winter 25 October 2019

Now you’ve had all summer to enjoy your decking, here comes autumn, which is the perfect time of year to do a bit of maintenance to it before the cold weather hits. Whether you have a composite deck or a timber deck, its vital to maintain your deck annually to keep it looking its best and to ensure that it lasts for as long as it can do.

Here are some items to add to your to do list.

Caring for Timber Decks

With British weather its inevitable that there’s going to be some rain and even snow at some point so this is the perfect time to give it a fresh coat of stain for added protection. On a dry day, preferably sunny, begin with removing any debris and moss and then clean the deck. You could apply a wood restorer to prevent it growing back but it’s not essential you can just use soap and water. When done you will need to allow the decking to dry for 2-3 days before you start sanding it.

If you have already stained, painted or varnished your deck previously then you will need to strip the surface to get rid of the coating.

Now your deck is stripped, clean and dry you can apply the stain. At this time of year its better to go for a quicker drying stain. Staining your deck will prolong its life, make it look better, restore some of its natural oils and most importantly protect it from the harsh weather to come.

During the autumn season its recommended that you keep your decking clear of fallen leaves or branches as they potentially cause rot or stain your decking if left in wet conditions.

Caring for Composite Decks

A major benefit of having composite decking is the fact that less maintenance is required than that of timber decking. Its pretty simple to care for you composite decking, all you need to do is keep on top of clearing it from fallen leaves or branches and give it a good clean. You do not need to do any stripping or sanding at all this will only damage the surface of the decking, just get yourself a suitable decking cleaner and our on your way.

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