Decking ideas to inspire your project 28 February 2020

Thinking of adding some decking in your garden? Our decking design ideas are here to encourage you. There are loads of ways you can use this flexible landscaping material on your garden.


Take your decking up a level

You can lay decking at one of a kind heights and levels, depending on the shape and surface of your lawn.

A raised deck is a superb option for sloped or choppy gardens as a manner of creating a flat floor for a dining table or a seating area. If you build a tall sufficient frame, you could even use the space underneath your decking as additional garden storage.

A floor level deck is first-rate if you want to maintain a flat, even floor in your lawn and they are generally easier to build than raised decks.


What shape is your garden

Plan you decking to best fit the space you have, be liberal about the state of your decking.

A conventional decision would be a square or rectangular decking which will give you clean precise lines in your garden scene, while additionally being simpler to build over a curved edge decking.

That being stated, decking with a curved edge can produce a softer feel to the finished design of your garden.


Don’t stick to one pattern

You can lay deck sheets in loads of various arrangements to make a fascinating impact. Potential laying designs for decking include level, corner to corner, chevron (crisscross like parquet ground surface) and picture outline (sheets in an alternate direction to outline the decking) deck sheets.

On the other hand, go for deck tiles rather than deck sheets for an alternate design. Line up the deck tiles to get a flat plan or go for a checkerboard effect for an eye-catching impact by adjusting level and vertical deck tiles


Use different materials; mix it up

Add different elements to your gardens look by joining decking with different materials like slabs. Supplement the decking by edging it with slabs, giving it a contemporary look. Or on the other hand, go intense by slotting them between your deck sheets for a really custom design.


Use spare boards to create features

Normal deck sheets can be utilized for a wide range of garden landscaping. You can manufacture a path down the side of your flowerbeds or a raised vegetable patch with independent compartments for various sorts of produce.

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