Best ways to protect you’re fencing in winter 27 September 2019

So you have made the decision to install a wooden fence around your property or you may have inherited it with the purchase of a new home, either way, winter is upon us and that fence will be in need of some protection from the incoming harsh weather and additional moisture which can lead to fences becoming weak.

Here are some of the more general reasons for wood to fail on your fence and ways to protect it against the cruel conditions of winter:

Avoid moisture building up in the fence

Check your post regularly to find any moisture that has built up and remove it to avoid posts rotting, becoming weak and potentially falling.

Excessive moisture will cause posts to form mould and mildew which over time will weaken the fence, some of the best ways to get rid of excess moisture are to remove any debris such as leaves which might attract additional moisture and to remove any stagnant water from the fence regularly.

Aim to prevent warping

Down to the swift changes that happen during the season, warping can be a common problem for fences during winter. The best way to prevent this is simply to ensure your fence is built with strong wooden posts and for extra prevention using strong strains is also advisable.

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Avoid the fence shifting

Posts should be installed far down enough that during the winter any loose soil will not allow them to move to avoid fence shifting. If you do notice that the level of your fence has shifted at all, you can on some occasions repair this yourself but it is best recommended to seek professional aid to repair the fence and avoid complete damage of the fence.

Think about falling limbs

The winter can bring snow and this snow will fall on to tree branches which can then cause the branches to break and fall and these branches can fall on to your fence and damage it, so it is a good idea just to keep an eye on any that are above your fence or go the full hog and lop of any that could potentially cause it harm.

Best line of defence

At the end of the day, the best first line of defence is to have an experienced installer install your fence and the second is general maintenance of the fence to keep it in good shape throughout the year.

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