At Johnsons Timber Supplies we operate a Sawmill with over seven different machines in operation. We can machine a range of different products tailored to your specifications.

Please note all machining involves lead-time, and may involve minimum quantities and set up-charges. Please enquire for details.

Our services include:

Sheet Cutting



Rebating & Grooving

Examples of products we often machine are:

Oak Skirting & Architrave



Sheet Cutting

Door Frames

Bespoke Firing Strips

Diminishing Strips

Softwood Skirting & Architrave

Bespoke MDF Window Board

Bespoke Moulds.

Non-standard sized timbers. Both Sawn & PSE.

So come to johnsons timber if your in the Birmingham, Solihull & West Midlands for your machining/timber needs​

*We only machine timber purchased from our yard and specified at time of order.