Green Oak - Feather Edge Boards

Green oak is a word used for timber framing that describes unseasoned and newly sawn oak. A common option today in a lot of building job, green oak has a whole host of advantages to its name, making it highly demanding in the construction industry.

Green oak is cut within 18 months from felled trees * and has a 60-80 per cent moisture content, which gradually reduces as the oak dries out. This process is called seasoning and starts immediately. 'Green' relates to the freshness of the oak instead of its colouring. The name ‘green oak’ simply means the that the oak has been recently cut in order to be used in timber framing projects

The Benefits

Green oak is used in a multitude of projects because it has many advantages, both structural and aesthetic since green oak is simpler to cut and shape than seasoned oak.

It is truly amazingly inexpensive due to the minimal processing of green oak from woods to finished product.

The oak is highly versatile, appealing and operates as well as other forests to bring a pleasant aesthetic to a multitude of construction kinds. Green oak as a construction product merely looks great and adds value to any construction it is used on.

So if you need a versatile, appealing timber for your building project at a fantastic cost, green oak might be the perfect solution for you.

Our Green oak 22x125mm Feather Edge boards used for domestic and commercial fencing.

Green Treated to protect against rot and decay. ‚Äč